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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I decide to use DSE for my home deliveries?
DSE’s expertise and focus on the delivery aspect of your business allows us to be more productive and efficient than the existing delivery operation in most cases. As a result, for approximately the same overall cost DSE can take on all of the responsibilities, exposure, and liabilities of the delivery operation from the retailer. You will see a reduction in non-productive stops and service calls, not to mention the intangible benefits of enhanced service leading to word-of-mouth referrals. You can rest assured that your delivery operation is in the hands of professionals, allowing you to narrow your focus on the other varied aspects of your business.

What type of training does DSE provide?
The training process for DSE consists of two phases; classroom and actual "on-the-job" supervised training with an experienced Contractor. The first phase is classroom training which is broken into several sections and is designed to introduce the new Contractor/2nd Driver to the many facets of the business they are beginning and heighten the awareness and effectiveness of the "on-the-job" training.

In addition to the classroom training, DSE has an experienced Contractor spend one to two weeks (more if necessary) on the delivery truck with the new Contractor. The trainer is there to teach proper delivery techniques as well as reinforce the policies and procedures taught in the classroom training. The presence of the trainer allows the new Contractor to develop the confidence and skills necessary to be successful. The trainer provides daily feedback to the DSE Manager on the performance of the new Contractor. Together, they determine when the new Contractor is ready to begin operating on his own.

What other services besides home delivery does DSE offer?
DSE provides inter-store transfer shuttles for many of our clients, which includes long haul tractor/trailer shuttles along with our local bobtail shuttle service. DSE is experienced in every type of logistics in the industry, including tandem pup trailers and demountable operations.

What type of screening process does DSE conduct on the Contractors?
DSE conducts thorough criminal background and driving history (M.V.R.'s) checks on all Contractors. DSE follows all Department of Transportation regulations which include pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing, as well as all state and local regulations.

Do the Contractor's carry touch-up supplies on the truck?
Although we strive for perfection, the reality is that occasionally minor issues surface while out on the route. Our Contractors are supplied with touch-up kits and the tools necessary to resolve many of these issues to the customer’s satisfaction.

What happens if a customer's residence is damaged during a delivery?
Part of the value that DSE brings to our clients is dealing with these rare, but unfortunate situations. A DSE manager will take ownership of the issue and work with the customer towards a satisfactory resolution.

Will DSE deliver appliances?
DSE will deliver and install appliances provided the appropriate connections are available.

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